Using RT 4.2. Our experience sending ad hoc CC's entered on the fly is that
the Requestor's do not see evidence of the CC's in their version of that
email. The CC receiver gets in independent email just to them. This leads
to confusion on the Requestor's part... "Did <insert name here> get a CC on
this?". It happens a lot.

The workaround appears to be setting up the CC in People as a permament
feature of the ticket. That way, everyone's heading reflects to To: and CC:
addresses. But it takes extra time, and afterward one may not want to CC
that same person as the thread continues. And I know it's possible to
suppress that.

I just argue that CC acknowledgements in the header should function the
same way, for CC's logged in People and CC's entered directly in the CC
entry form. This appears to not be an option in the config, or I missed it.
Anyone else wishing CC handling was uniform?


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