HI *Partners* ,

*Greetings from Canopy One Solutions.*

Please go through below requirement if you are comfortable please share
your updated resume and below submission details.

*Role : Agile Coach*

*Location : Columbus and Delaware,Dallas*

*Type: Contract *

Summary of JD:

   - Want to transform org to truly product driven agile org
   - Need coaches to mentor product owners to drive end to end agile
   adoptions to form product teams (so biz+Tech)
   - JPMC has already identified product owners and tech leads so the
   product org structure is more or less in place
   - But need support to help these teams to better understand how
   requirements should be defined, tracked and delivered. Need to get everyone
   into ceremonies
   - Should be able to give an opinion on tools, create a case if tools
   consolidation is needed or new tools are needed
   - Should have background on “Data” as this is for deco
   - Some of the resources will be converted/flipped into Product owners at
   the end
   - 12 month engagement
   - Location: *Columbus and Delaware. Assume 2/3 each. Might add 1 in

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