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Role: AWS Cloud Engineer

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Long Term Contract



.         The primary responsibilities of our AWS Engineer are to:

.         Provision and configure infrastructure as code using Terraform

.         Build and configure Kubernetes-based infrastructure, networking
policies, LBs, and cluster security

.         Automate the build of containerized systems with CI/CD tooling,
Helm charts, and more

.         Manage deployments and rollbacks of applications

.         Implement monitoring and metrics with Prometheus, and integrate
with Datadog, Splunk

.         Troubleshoot and optimize containerized workload deployments cross

.         Automate operational tasks, and assist the teams to rollout multi
region cluster deployments.



.         Expert level AWS EKS and Kubernetes engineering

.         Docker and Linux containers

.         AWS services - RDS, Aurora, DynamoDB, DocumentDB,

.         Jenkins Pipeline/CodeDeploy, GitHub, and Quay repository

.         Network and storage engineering

.         Expert in monitoring, scalability, performance and security needs
in a complex microservice/cloud environment.



 <https://idctechnologies.com/> Description: Description: Description:
Description: Description: cid:image001.png@01D55BED.58225740

Deependra Kumar | Senior Technical Recruiter

IDC Technologies Inc.

Email:  <mailto:p...@idctechnologies.com> deependr...@idctechnologies.com

Phone: 408-882-6922

Website:  <http://idctechnologies.com/> idctechnologies.com 



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