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 I'm *Ankit (Recruiter) *from  Next Level Business Services, Inc*.*  I have
an open opportunity if you are available or have any consultant you can
send the resume at a <anki...@buddha.tech> ankit.gau...@nlbservices.com   or
you reach me at  (608)646-8326   and if you could refer someone i really
appreciate it.

*Title:* Bigdata Engineer

*Location:* New York, NY

*Duration:* Contract



•             Applicant should be at least 8 years of experience in the
relevant field (At least 3-5 years in Cloud/Bigdata). Must be a hands-on
Bigdata developer.

•             Should have experience in building ETL/ELT pipeline in data
technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Data Bricks, Hive, Presto

•             Should have experience working in Amazon S3

•             Should have understanding of data warehousing concepts

•             Should be able to troubleshoot API integration code

•             Should be familiar with Github and other source control tools

•             Should be familiar with scheduling tools like Airflow

•             Knowledge on Google Ad Manager will be a plus

•             Knowledge of Amazon EC2 would be a plus

•             Knowledge of Python, PYspark or any other programming
language is a plus.

•             Red shift or Snowflake knowledge is a plus

•             Knowledge of any reporting tool is a plus.

•             Media domain experience will be a plus

Best Regards
*Ankit Gautam*
*Next Level Business Services, Inc.*

*Staffing|Consulting|Outsourcing Johns Creek, GA 30097*
*Phone*: +1 (904) 267-1615| *Fax*: +1 (608)646-8326
*E-mail*: ankit.gau...@nlbservices.com |*WEB*:www.nlbservices.com
*G-talk*: ankit.gau...@nlbservices.com  | *Linked In*:

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