Have read the draft and think it is useful in addressing a valid use case. 
Hence I support its adoption.

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Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2016 9:14 PM
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Subject: WG adoption poll on draft-nitish-vrrp-bfd-04


This email starts a two week poll to gauge consensus on adopting 
as an RTGWG working group document.

The BFD working group is also copied on this adoption poll.  We encourage 
participants in
BFD working group to provide their input on the adoption poll.  And should this 
be adopted as an RTGWG document, we would plan to copy the BFD WG on emails
related to this document to benefit from the BFD expertise in that WG in the 
of this document.

Please send your comments to the RTGWG mailing list 
(rt...@ietf.org<mailto:rt...@ietf.org>) indicating support
or opposition to the adoption of this document, along with the reasoning for 
that support
or opposition.

If you are listed as a document author or contributor, please respond to this 
email stating
whether or not you are aware of any relevant IPR.   The response needs to be 
sent to the
RTGWG mailing list. The document will not advance to the next stage until a 
response has
been received from each author and each individual that has contributed to the 

At this point, the document has the following IPR disclosure associated with it.

This adoption poll will end on Friday October 14th.

Chris and Jeff

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