Dear Authors, et. al,
below are my comments to the draft:

   - RFC 3768 describes VRRPv2 only for IPv4 address family. Thus, when*
   vrrp-instance* augments /if:interfaces/if:interface/ip:ipv6: VRRP *version
   *cannot be configured as 2;
   - skew-time in VRRPv2, according to RFC 3768, is in seconds, while for
   VRRPv3 it is in centiseconds. If the data model differentiates scale for
   Advertise-Interval based on protocol version, it may be reasonable to
   present the Skew-Time using the same scale rather than in microseconds;
   - neither VRRPv2, nor VRRPv3 requires that all members of the same VRID
   have Advertisement-Interval configured at the same value. I've found useful
   to know Advertisement-Interval value of the current Master. Perhaps this
   may be added to *notification vrrp-new-master-event.*

As the WGLC for the draft is in sight, my comments may be considered as
part of the WGLC.

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