Dear RTK users,
RTK v1.3.0 <> has just
been released, about 7 months after RTK v1.2.0.

Release notes :
- Style updated (follow more closely latest ITK guidelines).
- Started using Travis CI, github pull requests should now be used for code
- New pre-processing functionalities:
  * CUDA polynomial gain correction,
  * scatter glare correction,
  * lag correction,
  * idark option,
  * removed threshold to positive values after i0 LUT.
- Improved CUDA forward and backprojection speed using projection slabs.
- Added motion-compensated forward and back projection operators in CUDA,
in both 3D and 4D.
- Added the rtkregularizedconjugategradient application, which performs 3D
regularized reconstruction by conjugate gradient + optional regularizations
(Positivity, TV, Wavelets).
- Made the rtkfourdrooster, rtkmcrooster and rtkregularizedconjugategradient
fully modular. Each regularization step can be made active or inactive.
- Added a filter to minimize the L0 norm of the temporal gradient (one-D

Many thanks to the contributors, in alphabetical order for this release: Cyril
Mory, Deepak Roy Chittajallu, Fabien Momey, Hans Johnson, Julien
Jomier, S├ębastien
Brousmiche, Simon Rit

As usual, be aware that we don't focus on releases since we have a public
github repository <> that we try to keep
stable. I still recommend the use of the master HEAD over releases to enjoy
the new RTK developments before their release. We still have a few on-going
projects for which we will use and enhance RTK.

Simon (for the RTK consortium)
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