Werner Schuster (murphee) wrote:

Markus Barchfeld wrote:

After the launch of the debugee (with -reclipseDebug) the Eclipse part connects as client to the debugge with the ruby part running a tcp server in the debugee's process. On Eclipse's side the socket input is polled in a thread and delivers the events (breakpoint hit, exception occurred, step end) to the Eclipse debug framework. The socket output direction is used to send commands to the debugee (e.g. to add or remove a breakpoint, query for local variables and so on).

I'm wondering: do you have ideas on how to support cross-language debugging for RDT, ie. a (J)Ruby methods that call Java methods (and the other way around), ie. the StackTrace would contain both Ruby and Java stack frames. The question is: if the JRuby process is launched with the Debugger, you'll have a JDT DebugModel, but you'll also want a Ruby DebugModel... I'm not sure if there's an easy way to combing StackTraces from both DebugModels (maybe some kind of Delegating DebugModel that collects StackTraces from JDT and Ruby DebugModels).


No, I haven't considered cross language debugging yet. And without some knowledge about the JRuby internals I can't imagine a possible design.


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