#75: Ruby Code Assist shortcut key doesn't work in emacs key scheme
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Summary:  The shortcut key for code assist in the emacs key scheme is
 ALT-/.  However, it appears that this binding was left out of the
 plugin.xml file in the RDT user interface package.  The result is that
 while in the emacs key scheme the only way to access Ruby code assist is
 to select it on the Edit menu.  Below I have demonstrated the problem and
 proposed a solution.

 Thanx for a great product!

 Warren J. Madden


 Demonstration of problem:

 1)  Install 3.1.1 version of eclipse.

 2)  Install RDT version from within eclipse

 [QUESTION:  will the version on sourceforge be renamed to version 0.7.0
 anytime soon?]

 3)  Change key scheme to emacs using Window>Preferences>Keys

 4)  Create a ruby project named test

 5)  Create a ruby file named test.rb and open it for editing

 6)  Type 'def' into the editor , then hit ALT-/ for ruby code assist

 7)  Note that no drop-down box appears with proposals

 8)  Go back into preferences and change key scheme back to defaults

 9)  Type CTRL-SPACE after the def and the proposal drop-down box appears


 Demonstration of proposed fix of RDT sourceforge project

 A)  Install Eclipse 3.1.1

 B)  Download the zip file for RDT version

 C)  Unzip the file in a temporary directory

 [NOTE:  Windows XP SP2 will not allow the file to be unzipped -- it blocks
 it.  See the following URL:
 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/883260/en-us but note that the solution
 doesn't work.  There is no unblock option in the zip file properties.
 Gotta love Microsoft.
 In the end I unzipped it using cygwin.]

 D)  Edit file plugins/org.rubypeople.rdt.ui_0.7.0.601192300PRD/plugin.xml
 in vi or wordpad

 E)  Locate the following key definition:


 F)  Paste a copy of this definition into the file directly below the
 original, then modify the copy in two ways:

         1)  change schemeID to

         2)  change sequence to M3+/

 The final copy should look like this:


 G)  Save and close the file

 H)  Now copy the contents of the plugins and features directories to the
 corresponding directories in the fresh copy of Eclipse

 I)  Execute steps 3 through 6 above.  Note that now the proposal drop-down
 box _does_ appear when ALT-/ is pressed in emacs scheme.

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