On 9/20/06, Mirko Stocker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Could we protect our tickets from being altered by Spambots like we do with
the wiki? It's quite annoying when the bots change the text, for example like
they did with Ticket #161, where we lost the description completely. Or can
we get it back somehow?

And by the way, what about mail notifications on ticket changes? :-)

  Any chance you could take a look at this?

I think what we're really looking for in terms of tickets is the following:
1. Only registered/logged in users can create or append extra info to a ticket
2. Only the subset of users who are the developers can actually edit a ticket's description, etc.

I have no idea what sort of granularity Trac supports with this. Do they have any sort of anti-spam features in any builds available?

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