We've recently started to use jruby together with RDT, and are 
having a few problems :

    -We can't seem to create mixed projects, with ruby and java code. 
Even manually adding in the .project file the ruby nature and ruby build 
command, ruby source files never get parsed, and syntax errors are not 

    -There isn't a launch configuration for Jruby that respects the java 
classpath in mixed projects. This can be easily overcome by specifying a 
java launch configuration that launches Jruby and passes the current 
file as argument, but it would be a nice addition.

    -The debugger doesn't seem to support jruby.

    Are any of these currently possible with RDT, or planned ? I saw an 
invite in your blog to run nightly builds, and give feedback, if that's 
still interesting I can do it.


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