Hi guys. 

How do you feel about an enhancement to Rails' *delegate *method that 
enables us to define an arbitrary value which is bound to be returned 
whenever the delegation target is *nil* ? 

I've came across an use case on which I was required to do so.  What I did 
was include the *on_nil: *option to *delegate*. I can use this new option 
the value that should be returned. The value can be either a literal or a 
Proc. When *on_nil *is not supplied the current behavior is followed (i.e. *nil 
*is returned). Here is an example:

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
>   has_one :profile 
>   delegate :age, to: :profile, allow_nil: true, on_nil: 21
> end

> User.new.age # 21 

Do you guys think this would be an useful enhancement to Rails' core ?
Best Regards

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