Building this capability into Rails would be contrary to the current 
project philosophy, so don't expect it soon.

However, Ryan Bigg has been working on similar features recently. See his 
reports here:

On Monday, February 3, 2020 at 9:39:47 PM UTC-6, Laerti Papa wrote:
> Hi guys,
> thank you for your effort so far and for your contribution.  
> I've been playing around with DDD concepts lately and trying to apply them 
> to Rails. It's been super annoying and frustrating trying to fight the 
> framework to apply them especially when it comes to **Persistence 
> ignorance**. It would be nice if the framework supported that out of the 
> box either with a DSL likeish framework or configuration files. Also to 
> have a more safe typing approach regarding data attributes I have to either 
> implement it myself or use existing libraries like dry-rb or something.   
> I was curious why so many years we don't decouple active record into two 
> pieces. One to keep it as is. Second, allow users to decouple entities and 
> data access objects and have a framework that will support them in better 
> domain modeling without having to write much-supporting code to do so. 
> I would appreciate any thoughts.
> Best
> LP

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