Given an enum defined like so:
    enum some_field: { foo: 0, bar: 1, baz: 2 }

Rails will define positive and negative scopes for the possible values.

[21] pry(main)>
   (2.2ms)  SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "some_models" WHERE "some_models"."some_field" 
= $1  [["some_field", 0]]
=> 5
[22] pry(main)> SomeModel.not_foo.count
   (2.7ms)  SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "some_models" WHERE "some_models"."some_field" 
!= $1  [["some_field", 0]]
=> 2

However, for an instance of the model, it only defines the positive 

[23] pry(main)>
=> false
[24] pry(main)> SomeModel.last.not_foo?
NoMethodError: undefined method `not_foo?' for #<SomeModel:0x00007fc730786f28>

Would it make sense to have the negative predicate available on instances 
of the model? I think this could be added without breaking any existing 
applications, since methods with the same name would just be overriding 
this new magic one.

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