Hello Sam

I am having an account here 
the name of *Ashish Prajapati.*

So, this is my account that I was using on Google Forum. Can you please 
claim this account for me with email `ash...@clecotech.com`. Or add my 
email and invite for this account.

Otherwise, I need to signup and need to create new account :)

Ashish P.

On Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 8:25:04 AM UTC+5:30, Sam Saffron wrote:
> Hi There, 
> The Rails team has decided to migrate all the talk, docs and core Google 
> groups to  https://discuss.rubyonrails.org/. 
> Starting from can you post any core discussion there. If you are having 
> any trouble finding your bearings I will be watching closely and do my best 
> to help out!
> The theme used on the forum is open source and accepts contributions 
> https://github.com/rails/discourse-rubyonrails-theme
> See you on the forum! We will be locking this group shortly and migrating 
> the final missing posts over to the new home.
> Sam   

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