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> ...
> Does anyone else find it obvious that we need an *official* set of
> extensions? There are many things we simply can't put into a core.
> That doesn't mean we can't release an official extension with unit
> tests, versioned in a trunk. Even small things like mouse:wheel could
> make a huge difference.
> Best,
> kangax

Right on point.  I absolutely love scripteka and am very grateful
about all your gracious hard work there!  It is an excellent forum for
sharing code and finding helpful and exciting scripts.  It really
doesn't bother me that most scripts there do not have unit tests; as
has been mentioned recently in the Prototype vs. jQuery discussion,
Prototype's is more of build-an-application library than
download-a-mismash-of-widgets library.  So I'm not disappointed if a
scripteka script doesn't work 100% because I'm not building a site
with a bunch of widgets, I'm building an application.

Like you say, it would make a big difference to add extensions to the
official svn repository.  I envision two types of scripts that could
be included as "official" extensions: 1) those that barely missed the
cut to get into core (e.g. mouse:wheel/enter/leave) and 2) those found
in other popular js libraries that are outside Prototype's scope (e.g.
date functions, browser version detection, hover/toggle helpers, ajax
history management etc.).


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