Hello... New to prototype... I know this is probably just really
really simple but i have not been able to find a good tutorial
explination or documetation explination for how to do this... I Would
like this code to update the value of the cust_city form field...

thanks in advance for the help :o)


<script type="text/javascript" src="../prototype.js"></script>
                function checkZip() {
                if($F('cust_zipcode').length == 5) {

                        var url = 'ajax.zip_code.php';
                        var params = 'zip=' + $F('cust_zipcode');

                        var ajax = new Ajax.Updater(
                                        {success: 'zipResult'},
                                        {method: 'post', parameters: params, 
onFailure: reportError}


                function reportError(request) {
                        $F('zipResult') = "Error";


<input name="cust_zipcode" type="text" id="cust_zipcode" tabindex="6"
size="13" onkeyup="checkZip();" />

<input name="cust_city" type="text" id="cust_city" size="35" />

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