Safari 3.1 implements its own getElementsByClassName and messes up Prototype.

A short summary is available here:


The above blog entry suggests substituting $$ for getElementsByClassName as a 
work-around and I see that the Prototype documentation lists 
getElementsByClassName as "deprecated".

My problem is that I use the 'parentElement' option in Prototype's 
getElementsByClassName fairly often so $$ is not an effective substitution.

So, is there a variation on $$ that constrains the search to a specific node?

I have yet to hear a comment on this list regarding Safari 3.1's change and how 
it affects Prototype. Am I the only one feeling this pain. This broke our site 
in a few important ways...

Is there a short-term hack I can apply to Prototype to get it to allow me to 
use Safari's getElementsByClassName (which appears to support the parentElement 

Is there something I'm missing here?


Steve Upton


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