Will do, but one more remark regarding this from my side. With your
ProtoSafe class you again could cause problems if, in the very
unlikely case, some other framework also uses this method to wrap
prototype.js into an anonymous function.

With what option do I have to pre modify other scripts: AJAX Loader ?
When should I use the Dean Edwards Packer 3.0 options?


On Mar 20, 4:18 pm, jdalton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hiya Thomas,
> I may need to clean up the readme file. Would you please email me your
> initial impressions of what you thought it was instructing you to do?
> My email is either posted here or in the readme. I am really wanting
> user feedback. So far over a hundred downloads and zero comments :/.
> Basic usage: (Requires all files to be pre-modified with the ./tools/
> modify.html)
> <script type="text/javascript" src="protosafe.js?
> load=yourScript,yourOtherScript,andSoOn"></script>
> Inside your directory you would have prototype.js, protosafe.js,
> yourScript.js, yourOtherScript.js, and andSoOn.js
> OR
> Standalone usage: (It's a regular javascript file, name it whatever
> you want)
> <script type="text/javascript" src="standalone.js"></script>
> You use the ./tools/modify.html file to compile all scripts into 1
> file (this is preferred for production use).
> The readme file explains a step by step of how to do this.
> The ProtoSafe object is the bootstrap that loads Prototype + other
> included files. In the standalone mode ProtoSafe is stripped down to a
> minimum with only the parts used to remove MooTools extensions and the
> $Array object.
> -JDD
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