Bungee - chapter 4 - JSON

var undef;

Firebug display:
>>> Object.toJSON(undef)

No empty quotes are displayed as indicated by example // => ''

var doudou = { first: 'Élodie', last: 'Jaubert', birthDate: new
Date(1980, 9, 29), // 0 == January
gang: [ 'Camille', 'Clotilde', 'Diane' ],
getJob: function() { return 'Chef du monde' },
blond: false

Firebug display:
>>> Object.toJSON(doudou);
"{"first": "Élodie", "last": "Jaubert", "birthDate":
"1980-10-29T00:00:00Z", "gang": ["Camille", "Clotilde", "Diane"],
"blond": false}"

How can the accent above E in Elodie be supported across browsers?

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