Thanks for the great tip.  It's precisely the sort of thing that
should probably be listed in the documentation, as currently, I do
think it is a bit lacking.

On Mar 26, 3:27 pm, "Justin Perkins" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Your copied text is lacking the code syntax from the page, but
> "position" is a keyword and is to be replaced by the position you
> desire. Here are some examples:
> $('foo').insert( { top: '<p>Hello</p>' } )
> $('foo').insert( { bottom: '<p>Hello</p>' } )
> $('foo').insert( { before: '<p>Hello</p>' } )
> $('foo').insert( { after: '<p>Hello</p>' } )
> The second example, bottom, can also be written as: $('foo').insert(
> '<p>Hello</p>' )
> -justin
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