Hi to all.

I'm using the Lightbox 2.04 and I've noticed that ther's an issue when
the page is loading.

When the "popup" image is loading, the flash content of the site
disappear and when the image is closed the flash return.

So, in the code I've noticed that the function of the loadin image is

showImage: function(){
new Effect.Appear(this.lightboxImage, {
duration: this.resizeDuration,
queue: 'end',
afterFinish: (function(){ this.updateDetails(); }).bind(this)
$$('select', 'object', 'embed').each(function(node)
{ node.style.visibility = 'visible' });

I've added the line
$$('select', 'object', 'embed').each(function(node)
{ node.style.visibility = 'visible' });

And in this way works well...but I don't understand if is a lightbox
problem, or the problem is on the appear effect....

I found that everything works just fine in Safari, and I've noticed
one "fix" on the effect.js in the appear functionabout the

Where's the problem?

Tnx Jo
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