You know the problem of IE (6||7) that even when you order the element
to have the highest zIndex element in the page, The order of the DOM
is important. i.e. that the High zindexed element has to be the last
element in the page, of all the elements i want to absolute position.

So this issue ruins also the Observe method.

I have this architecture: a nested absolute menu inside a right
floated column.
the menu is nested inside cause i need it to be bottom positioned when
the column changes its hight.

I use this observe method like this:
gBoxDisplayListener = toggleBoxDisplay.bindAsEventListener(this,
boxId, buttonId);
$(document.body).observe('click', gBoxDisplayListener);

In ff it works great, but i IE7 (and i can guess also in 6), the click
is observed only in the floated column scope, not outside of it.
When i took out the menu to the end of the DOM, it observed correctly
the user click event.

Did anyone ever managed to fix this issue changing the DOM?

I use proto 1.5.1

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