Thanks for your replys guys, I see both of your points but I still
need to get the name of the instance of the object, not a reference.

The reason for this beeing that I'm creating dom elements that has to
be able to refer back to the the instance of the class whom created
them. And there may or may not be many instances of the same class so
it cant be done in any static way or with references as the dom
objects have a different scope.

The way I've solved it for the time beeing is passing the name of the
instance upon creation as a argument of class initialization. That
works great but it just looks stupid to me.

A function or property refering directly to the name/objectindex of
the obejct/class instance would be much more practical. There's
functions for this but it's mozilla only (I think it's called or something), and there's ways to do it in IE
and possibly other browsers too but they're ugly.
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