If your httpd handling XML files right? Try to access the file using
firefox or other browser directly and see if it shows up as XML. If
not your might have a problem with your server Content-type headers.


On Mar 25, 8:27 am, dizzyjay <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> When creating an Ajax.Request('/path.xml')  i don't get responseXML.
> I'm confused what I am doing wrong. If i change the response variable
> and dump responseText, it shows the file, it just doesn't recognize it
> as xml.
> function xml(url){
> new Ajax.Request(url, {
>         method: 'post', parameters:'resultSet=simcall',
>         onSuccess:parseResponse,
>         onFailure:function(xhrResponse){alert('nope');}
>         });}
> var parseResponse= function(xhrResponse){
> var response=xhrResponse.responseXML;
> var paramList= response.getElementByTagName('lastname');
> alert(paramList[0].firstChild.nodeValue);
> }
> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
> <employees>
>         <employee id="123456">
>                 <lastname>Smith</lastname>
>                 <firstname>Edward</firstname>
>                 <phone>(415) 333-0235 </phone>
>                 <username>esmith</username>
>         </employee>
> </employees>
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