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T.J. Crowder
tj / crowder software / com

On Jul 11, 9:23 pm, Marc <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Visually, Prototype's Ajax.Updater is working as advertised.
> I call a server action that creates a new div that contains a few form
> elements.
> The page reflects the updated form elements...or at least it appears
> correct.
> But when I finally submit the form  (form.submit) , all form elements
> updated by the Updater, are missing from
> the submit.
> I have used firebug to verify this, and the post only has form
> elements that were untouched during the Ajax updates.
> I have reproduced this in both Firefox 3 and 2.  IE does not seem to
> exhibit this problem.
> I am able to pick the values off of each element
> using document.getElementId and then I can manually append them onto
> the
> form's action:
> e.g.
> -------------
> myForm.action="myurl"+"&var1="+var1;
> myForm.submit();
> -------------
> ... but this is obviously not best.   Is this a bug?
> Thanks,
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