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On Jul 12, 11:57 am, AlannY <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have 2 problems with Prototype's <new Element> method.
> 1. I have a lot of DOM elements created manualy with <new Element>. I
> have already about 1000 lines of code with just <new Element>. When I
> added it to the dome with <body.appendChild(root)> it takes a lot of
> time to insert. How to optimize it?
> May be it's better to use simple HTML (may be with <new Template>) and
> then PUT in on DOM. But how? Is there any body.appendChild(HTML)
> method? As I can imaging appendChild takes a DOM element as a
> parameter ;-)
> 2. I need computation of width and height of elements created by the
> <new Element> method. As you may know, first of all, I should add my
> element in DOM, SHOW it and then get width and height. But, as I just
> say, I'm creating a lot of <new Elements> in my script and some of
> them SHOULD not be displayed before one point ;-) But the other
> elements (childs, as you can imaging) should get width and height.
> So, I'm adding <new Elements> to the DOM first of all and SHOW it
> every time. But, Opera start render this elements before the script
> ends execution (Firefox, Safari do it in opposite direction), so I
> have a very ugly effect, where hundreds of elements renders "on fly".
> I mean, all of this elements MUST be rendered after script is
> finished. I know, that I should just hide the root of my elements, but
> how to compute width and height after that?
> Thank you for your patient ;-)
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