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> I have two controllers
> 1,  api/risk_profiles
> 2,  admin/risk_profiles
> When i submitted a form then a new record was created in 'api/risk_profiles'
> controller and the action name 'create'.
> Now, i want to redirect to 'admin/risk_profiles' show action. Because i have
> upload some API process is there. currently i have used the below codes but
> it not performed

?? The "below codes" don't match what you're saying you want to do.

> def create
>     @risk_profile = RiskProfile.new(risk_profile_params)
>     if @risk_profile.save
>           redirect_to api_risk_profiles_url(:id => @risk_profile)
>     end
>   end

but the result below looks like it matches the redirect code above

> Rails console result
> 19:49:48 rails.1   | Redirected to
> http://localhost:5000/api/risk_profiles?id=304046b8-fd04-4310-b475-636ac60d111a

So which is correct, the code or your description?

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