We have just tagged M2, it took a little while to get a fully automated build, it's now called 4.0 M2 - we changed it to 4.0 as there is an API change and way too many features to be 3.x.. you can checkout the tag from the url below - documentation has not yet been updated since 3.0.x.

The README explains how to build everything, we have automated the creation of the eclipse plugin and that is now part of the build system.

We have updated the dependencies document, you'll notice that there are now a lot less dependencies as we have inlined JCI. MVEL is a new dependency for core, we will look to inline that closer to 4.0 final.

We will be putting up the binaries shortly along with release notes.

The api change is where we removed ruleBase.newWorkingMemory() and replaced that with two apis newStatefulSession and newStatelessSession, both offer async methods now for working memory actions. Ruleflow is now also part of engine with a gui designed. Conway's game of life has been updated and now fully stateful, I recommend everyone look at this if they want to see a more complex example that shows how to write rules correctly, it currently uses agenda-groups but I'll be doing a version that uses rule-flow. The BRMS is also part of this release.

Have fun.

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