I have the following scenario.

SCENARIO (simplified for discussion from actual blown up scenario)
 1. A decision table (DT) with rules for "all types of employees" - Call 
it "Common DT"
 2. The DT mentioned in Point 1 has a condition that fetched data depending 
on "Type Of Employee"

 3. There are other decision tables that would like to use the the rules 
from "Common DT", but here are the challenges:
1. Decision does not support Agenda Groups
2. Using a fact; to hold the evaluated result from a DT can pass it from a 
child to a parent; but it requires an "update()"; which can cause infinite 
recursion if i dont have a "Execute ONE Rule Only from Table" decision variable.

(Parent) DT - Condition 1, condition 2, Condition 3 (Actually result of Child 

(Child DT)
... The relation is maintained using decision variables.

This relation works perfenctly good (been working for 3 months now), but issue 
is it creates a Sort of a Tree (with each node a DT); in shich I cannot fire a 
common set of rules from Any Node.

As an alternative; I'm suggesting to the client to write replicated DT's for 
each type of employee instead of 1 generic DT.

Can anyone help?

I've been begging for agenda Groups in decision tables but I guess you guys are 
tied up. So at a design level can you suggest a work around?


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