Hey all, new to BRMS as trying to learn how this works.  My usecase is
to take an existing, working EJB3 application and migrate some of the
complex rules over to be managed by BRMS.


However, initial attempts over the course of a couple of days have
yielded zero results.


When trying to follow
html#d0e5301, they want you to load a fact model.  I take an existing
EJB3 entity bean and it loads fine.  There doesn't seem anything more
for me to do, or to verify this is o.k. or not.  So, then I move to the
rule editors, and nothing works - not able to use the guided editor at
all, and using the DSL text editor with the 'model/entity' from the jar
isn't recognized.


Now, I admit ignorance, and I would like some direction as to how to
best learn to use BRMS.


There were a couple mentions of a drools-examples-brms, but it just can
not be found.  Following the documentation mentioned above is only
guidelines without any good examples leaving one easily lost.







So - where can one go to learn how to use BRMS to help convert an
existing EJB3 application to use Drools and BRMS?




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