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The next release should be the candidate release, all modules now seem to be working, we are now just working on cleaning things up and improving and updating documentation.


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Hi Mark,

Drools 5 seems to be a really great product. Maybe 18 months ago I evaluated rules engines and business process engines and made my decision to use jbpm together with Drools.

Now - in 3 weeks or so its time to really integrate processes and rules into my application (ERP solution for small and medium-sized-companies) - my server is ready (OSGI - EJB3) and my UI (Eclipse Riena based). Core parts of the OSGI client-server app will be Open Source.

Last months I always noticed the problem for business people to understand the differences between business processes and rules, because from the point-of-view of business use-cases they are integrated. why are there two tools / frameworks to manage the same thing ?

For me the main reason to use both was persistence of long running processes and manual tasks in the past only available in business process engine.

Now I read the documentation of Drools 5 and noticed that all is availabe in ONE product: Drools 5. Thats really great news - I hope I understood all well and I'll give it a try to do it with Drools only. This gives me a better feeling than my previous decision.

Thanks for all your work.



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