on Genode we use Rump since a while [0] to leverage the file system
implementation. Lately we encountered rarely (not ever reproducible)
corruption in written files of some few corrupted kB when we heavily
stress/write data of several GB during installation of a VM.

After some weeks of debugging and ruling out various reasons (and fixing
also issues on Genode's side) I finally could track down the root cause
to missing functionality in sys/rump/librump/rumpvfs/vm_vfs.c.

After following the hint in the vm_vfs.c file, that the code is
similar/based on src/sys/uvm/uvm_pager.c, I extended vm_vfs.c
accordingly properly (at least I hope so) by the error handling part.

It seems, correct me if I'm wrong, that pages got freed which hold not
yet written data (indicated by b_error member of struct buf).

With the error handling change we finally could avoid the rarely
corruption. (original Genode issue [1], just the patch [2])

We would like to contribute this change back, if applicable and after
some proper review by you. Since the relevant Rump kernel code did not
change for a longer time, we hope the patch should be easily applicable
to upstream.

Thanks for any feedback,


[1] https://github.com/genodelabs/genode/issues/2677

Alexander Boettcher
Genode Labs

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