I'm thinking of using rumprun to do a bunch of stuff, and one of them is
spawning haproxy instances on the fly. For that, both the multiboot
option needs to be generated dynamically (I know how to do that), and
the haproxy config also needs to be generated depending on the need.

Generating a .conf is easy enough, but I don't really know how to feed
it to haproxy. By hand I'd generate an iso file and start the unikernel
with that mounted as /etc/haproxy, but that'd required developping
something ton run on the hypervisors to generate the iso, not ideal.

Is there some way to run something before the "main binary" that got
baked is started somehow ? I'd be great to be able to run something like
wget <url>/config?id=<XXX> for example. I suppose that requires
including two binaries

I suppose what I've been wanting to do for years would work too :
mounting any kind of network filesystems, but as far as I know it's
still not possible ?
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