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> > What unicode codepoints do these characters represent?
> >
> This is the docker's whale:
> http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/1f433/index.htm and this is

These are normal unicode charatcers - they should work as long as the rest
of your system has support for these characters (libc, xft, fontconfig). For
example, urxvt calls the wcwidth function of your system to find out whether
a character is combining, and if not, how many columns it needs.

You would need to make sure your system knows about those (relatively new)
codepoints, for example.

> use a font like Fira Code, that's why I use that font. Also in that page is
> a link for a demo of unicode characters, you can see the result of the test
> here: https://i.imgur.com/FedCIWO.png the top terminal is rxvt and the
> bottom is gnome-terminal. All show fine (with diference like gradients),
> except for the ethiopian text (not that I want to read ethiopian, maybe can
> help resolve the issue): https://i.imgur.com/zQ59ckV.png

urxvt uses fontsets, i.e. you can specify an (ordered) set of fonts to
use. Urxvt will then simplys use the firts font that has a given glyph,
e.g. the ehiopian characters will likely display once you add a font that
contains those characters. URxvt has a generic fallback for characters
it doesn't know, but it will not go through all fonts (we tried that,
fontconfig is far too slow for this).

> > It seems your rxvt-unicode distribution lacks files - where did you
> > download it from?
> I download from https://github.com/thecjharries/rxvt-unicode but today

Indeed, it's always dangerous to download from random github repositories,
even if search engines often point to github as first result for something

> download from http://dist.schmorp.de/rxvt-unicode/ and I can compile
> without errors.

That's reassuring.

> The whale and snake icons still don't show on this new

That's not surprising, rxvt-unicode does not really know about those
codepoints, it simply relies on other libraries (libxft, libc) to display

> urxvt, and to add another piece to the puzzle, neither the git branch icon
> (this icon show fine in debian's urxvt)

That is surprising. I wouldn't expect debian to diverge much from
rxvt-unicode, but it seems a lot of distros patch rxvt with questionable
patches, so it's always hard to know what is going on.

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