I am trying to match packet only based on source IPv4 address

Using Internal calls, no flow is added and no error OFPError message

actions = [parser.OFPActionSetQueue(2)]
inst = [parser.OFPInstructionActions(ofproto.OFPIT_APPLY_ACTIONS, actions),

match = parser.OFPMatch(ipv4_src="")
flow = parser.OFPFlowMod(datapath=datapath, priority=200,  match=match,
instructions=inst, table_id=1)
flow.datapath = datapath

But when I change match field to anything else line eth_src, in_port, flow
is added successfully.

Using REST api, successfully added flow

    "table_id": 1,
         "match": {
        "dl_type": 2048,
        "nw_src": ""
    "actions": [

Flow is added successfully

How to add flow with match field only based on IPv4.
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