I'm trying to implement a Ryu app that calculates main and backup paths and
save their rules in flow & group tables.
in my code I need to use vlan_id for tagging packets in group table actions
like this:


when i down port 2 (in mininet) , it adds vlan_id= 198 and sends the packet
from port 1, but in the next ‚Äčnode the packet does not match with this rule:

cookie=0x0, duration=1447.496s, table=0, n_packets=0, n_bytes=0,
priority=32770,dl_vlan=198,dl_dst=10:00:00:00:00:02 actions=output:2

I capture the input port of next node in wireshark, vlan_id is correct, but
the packet is dropped!

my Ryu code is like this:

buckets.append(parser.OFPBucket(watch_port=_port, actions=[
    parser.OFPActionSetField(vlan_vid=ofp.OFPVID_PRESENT | failure_id)

match = parser.OFPMatch(vlan_vid=(failure_id | ofp.OFPVID_PRESENT),

Thanks in advance

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