got currently the following problem. I am running a rye-manager as bgp speaker 
to announce routes in a HA setup using pacemaker.
For the periodic checks (if routes still announced) i use the  following 
command ryu rpc-cli --peers=bgp= -c 'request bgp operator.show 
[{"params": ["rib", "ipv4"], "format": "cli" }]’ from with in my off file.
This leads to a growing memory consumption of the ryu-manager process to which 
the rpc-cli connects to (about 1 MB more per call).
It is only a problem when i use the single command (-c, —command) feature of 
rpc-cli, if i open the interactive shell with 'rpc-cli 
--peers=bgp=’, do the request from within the shell and finally 
close the interactive shell with ‘EOF’. the memory consumption of the 
rye-manager is stable. 

Any ideas?

Thx Stefan
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