Drowning in your incoming emails and getting complaints from prospects/customers that you never reply? Here come the help to save your day!

Since several years I've worked as a virtual assistant and what I've learned is that managing email (especially when you get A LOT of email each day!) is a MAJOR time consuming task for businesses. It zaps energy and creativity and takes up valuable time that could be spent on doing things only you can do. It's time to outsource this painful task!
Here's just a sample of what I can do for you:
  • Set up email accounts and/or move your email to a new provider
  • Do an initial processing of an overrun inbox (e.g., get through an inbox with thousands of emails in it)
  • Create an email handling system that works specifically for you
  • Set up email filters, email templates, and auto-replies
  • Act as your email secretary by screening your email and only forwarding to you the important messages
  • Help you get to and stay at "inbox zero"  

That's not all though! If something you need done is missing from that list, feel free to message me to discuss your specific needs.  

I can work and discuss with you how you want your mailbox organized and I can make suggestions, give ideas to make it easier for you to get on top of your priority and work.  I can also screen and filter your mailbox and help you delete all the spam mails that somehow got through your filter system, and unsubscribe any mailing list that you are not longer interested in. I can also help responding to your email with pre-drafted email and can create a spreadsheet if you need to track pending reply emails out of inbox system.
I am also knowledgeable about project management tools, work on Google Docs & Google Sheets as well. I am also familiar with Shopify, WordPress, website management and graphic designing.  

Do write back with any questions, clarifications that you may have…  


Brenda Young
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