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Faisal amin wrote:
> HI Ryu Team,
> I need to provide QoS using ryu controller. I need to configure queue using
> OVSDB protocol.I have used following code to provide QoS using OVSDB. But i
> want to add matching criteria in this code. Could anyone please help me how
> to add matched based criteria in this code. Suppose a host want to connect
> another host in a specific port so the QoS will be provided based on this
> match. Please somebody help me regarding this.

You already seem to have a matching criteria.

> import osimport sysimport subprocessfrom time import sleep
> #s1
> subprocess.call('curl -X PUT -d \'\"tcp:\"\'
> http://localhost:8080/v1.0/conf/switches/0000000000000001/ovsdb_addr',shell=True)
> sleep(5)# subprocess.call('curl -X PUT -d \'\"tcp:\"\'
> http://localhost:8080/v1.0/conf/switches/0000000000000002/ovsdb_addr',shell=True)#
> sleep(2)
>    #execute setting of Queue
> subprocess.call('curl -X POST -d \'{\"port_name\": \"s1-eth1\",
> \"type\": \"linux-htb\", \"max_rate\": \"2800000\", \"queues\":
> [{\"max_rate\": \"2800000\"}, {\"min_rate\": \"2500000\"}]}\'
> http://localhost:8080/qos/queue/0000000000000001',shell=True)
>   #3 QoS Setting to install flow entry
> subprocess.call('curl -X POST -d \'{\"match\": {\"nw_dst\":
> \"\", \"nw_proto\": \"TCP\", \"tp_dst\": \"80\"},
> \"actions\":{\"queue\": \"1\"}}\'

Here. What do you want to achieve?

> http://localhost:8080/qos/rules/0000000000000001',shell=True)
>   #4 Verify the settings
> subprocess.call('curl -X GET
> http://localhost:8080/qos/rules/0000000000000001',shell=True)

Those references may help you.


IWAMOTO Toshihiro

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