i just wanted to proclaim that sweet sixteen is to be expected
practically as it is on [next] right now.
Sweet sixteen has seen Gavin Troy reporting bugs already, so maybe
someone else steps up with some more?  :)

It's almost a new minor, because there are some new features, but
it's really about bugfixing bugfixing etc., and i hope with it
S-nail really reached the end-of-life of all fleas that i have
introduced recklessly in the v13* and <v14.5 series.  I hope all
port maintainers (are subscribed to this list and..) will update
as soon as possible directly to v14.5.2, so that i can delete all
the old embarassing and buggy versions.  So let's just stick with
.5 in order to make v14.6 the final v14 minor, somewhen in late
summer, before the MIME/Send rewrite will then hopefully turn
S-nail into a really usable MUA (in respect to attachments and
addressable parts in general).



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