Hi Ralph.

Ralph Corderoy <ra...@inputplus.co.uk> wrote:
 |> It turned out we have a general problem on at least Sun Solaris, where
 |> +00C1 a.k.a. \u00C1 will be happily iconv(3)d to "?", i.e., i can
 |> happily iconv_open(3) from UTF-8 (128,172 characters) to ISO 646
 |> a.k.a. US-ASCII (128 characters).
 |What's iconv(3)'s return value for that case?  It's a non-identical
 |conversion so I'd expect it to bump the return value.

  2 CONV Á
  CONVERT FROM utf-8 to 646
          CONVERTED 1 errno 2 -> No such file or directory
      2 ok: ?

So the 1 of CONVERTED 1 should have been it.
Yes.  It seems i have to rework the n_iconv* series completely.
My fault, i have blindly extended what i found in Heirloom and am
living in a dream of a usable S-CText.  Never really cared for
iconv.  Bummer.

 |You might find http://austingroupbugs.net/view.php?id=1007 of interest.

Yes, that i was thinking of.  Unfortunately no way to test "can
enc" with iconv.  My fault.  Will fix.




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