Hello Stephen, list members,

 |"Stephen Isard" <ksaexz5...@snkmail.com> wrote:
 ||On Wed, 14 Sep 2016, Steffen Nurpmeso steffen-at-sdaoden.eu |s-nail| \
 ||>|I have an imap account to which I can connect with mailx but not s-nail.
 ||>|In the account definition in my .mailrc, I have
 ||>|account XX {
 ||>|  set folder=imaps://username@servername/Mail
 ||>|Anyway, mailx is doing the right thing for that imap server, but s-nail
 ||>|is not.

as i already said in private to Stephen: Thank you, Stephen!

It turns out Stephen has reported multiple problems, if through
the flowers, and while finding the solution i have found a very
weird bug that i have introduced in v14.8.10 due to a false
cherry-pick from what is now [master].  This bug effectively
disallows `copy' etc. _to_ an IMAP box.  Fetching still works ;)

I am a bit hasty if the outcome will be a pain (only then,
mostly), and shouldn't have merged into [master] the work of the
last year after Stephen has reported an issue, but now we have to
change the git(1) branch layout: i will add a /stable/vMAJ.MIN
series, stable/v14.8 is yet there.  These will be stable, gain
only bugfixes and any update release will be created from these.
Of course the [timeline] branch is a joke shall we create update
releases for old MAJ.MIN when a newer MAJ or MIN exists.  Well.

That is to say, i will release v14.8.11 early next week, with
fixes for IMAP, with the drop of *mbox-rfc4155* and other
enhanced MBOX gobbling.

Have a nice weekend!
Ciao from rainy Germany,



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