I wanted to follow up from last week. I have been trying to reach you about
an email I had sent about a week ago.

We are a 27 year old U.S. company that manufacture slip resistant floor
treatments. since 1989.
We need distributors worldwide.

One treatment will make Ceramic, Porcelain, Quarry tile, marble,
granite, concrete, etc. floors slip-resistant for a minimum of 4 years -

Indoors or outdoors. No change in appearance.

Use on:
granite,concrete,ceramic,porcelain.quarry tiles, marble, etc

Typical applications:
hospitals, restaurant, kitchen floors
hotels, office buildings, etc.

Some of our current customers:
Miami Children's Hospital
Kroger, Holiday Inn,

Please reply for details and to check if there is a distributorship
available in your country.
Please send your name, country and email address.

5,000 USD initial inventory purchase required.

Jonathan Darwin

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