On Apr 07 2018, Alexandre Gonçalves <alexan...@silvagoncalves.com> wrote:
>> Also, could you try out to open the db in the sqlite3 command line 
>> utility and execute the VACUUM command there? 
>> It gave the same error. To do the vacuuming, sqlite needs a temp dir, 
> which is selected in the order explained here 
> <https://sqlite.org/tempfiles.html#tempdir>;
> In my case, the /var/tmp hadn't the needed storage available to do the 
> vacuum, which lead to the error. I freed up some space and then the command 
> finished without errors.
> To avoid the issue, maybe it's a good idea to do PRAGMA 
> temp_store_directory =--cachedir;

Glad to hear that you resolved this! Yes, I agree this pragma should be
used. Could you file a bug at


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