I've been using s3cmd happily for about 2 years, from my Mac OS computer in
an automated script I run.

Lately, I've been having issues with .zip uploads timing out, but other
files (pkg and png) don't have this issue.

 /usr/local/bin/s3cmd put --acl-public --guess-mime-type

It uploads some, then fails, the tries again 5 times

 2646016 of 3569354    74% in    2s  1099.92 kB/s  failed
 2539520 of 3569354    71% in    2s  1118.48 kB/s  failed
 1847296 of 3569354    51% in    6s   278.84 kB/s  failed
 1691648 of 3569354    47% in   22s    74.51 kB/s  failed
 1499136 of 3569354    42% in   92s    15.76 kB/s  failed
 1486848 of 3569354    41% in  453s     3.20 kB/s  failed

the pkg files I send are of similar size and upload fine.

Has anyone else see this issue?
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