Communist Party of Swaziland: Raise banner of international solidarity with 
Communist Party of India (Marxist) against attacks by
RSS fascists
 11 October 2016
The Communist Party of Swaziland extends its solidarity to the Communist Party 
of India (Marxist) in the face of escalating violence
against the Party by the fascistic paramilitary Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh 
(RSS - meaning national patriotic organization). 
The most recent incident was the murder of a CPI (M) local committee member, 
who was hacked to death by a heavily armed gang of RSS
thugs, 10 October.
As the CPI (M) explains:  "This heinous murder took place even as a motley 
group of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) workers marched to
the CPI(M) headquarters in Delhi, purportedly to protest the attacks on RSS 
workers in Kerala state. The fact is that in Kerala it
is the CPI(M) and other constituents of the LDF that have been at the receiving 
end of the murderous attacks mounted by the RSS and
its outfits. Such attacks increase whenever the Left Democratic Front (LDF) is 
in government in the state."
The attacks represent a new escalation of attacks on the Left by the RSS-BJP 
right-wing, and reflects a climate of anti-communist
and reactionary activity stirred up since the BJP has become the governing 
party nationally in India.
The struggle against these forces of reaction is therefore part of a wider 
struggle against fascism and far right politics familiar
in many other regional and national contexts. The situation calls for increased 
international solidarity by communists and all
others on the Left, in particular to inform and educate our supporters and 
contacts about situations facing comrades in other
countries. We must ensure that the vile antics of the far right and fascism are 
exposed whenever possible.
Long live CPI (M)
Long live the struggle for socialism in Kerala and the rest of India
Long live international solidarity
Kenneth Kunene
General Secretary

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