*SSN Statement on the Passing of Comrade Sechaba Setsubi*

13 March, 2018

Our Kommissar has died.

 A son of the working class that fought gallantly for social justice,
liberty, equality and against exploitation of man by man as a result became
part of the communist vanguard.

 His death has trampled our hearts with hooves of sorrow. As SSN we thought
we would not have to write epitaphs ever again. We have made a mistake, but
as we close his eyes to rest in revolutionary peace he will be opening our
eyes in the manner that he led his life as a Kommissar would.

As Kommissar he was our bedrock of political education and eternally
us ideologically.

As Kommissar he constantly boosted our morale in the protracted brutal
struggle for democracy in Swaziland.

As Kommissar he has instilled and ingrained a deep hatred of our national
enemy as well as identification of the class enemy.

As Kommissar he taught us to analyse the current situation, with our ears
on the ground and eyes on the horizon while talking of the future Swaziland
with the present in mind.

Memories tell us that you never got emotional, or tired of explaining that
no amount of anger will bring change now. Equally, no knowledge is a
complete solution for all situations. But only cadres equipped with both
physical fitness and theoretical clarity of where they are and going, have
the stamina to wage, persevere and ultimately win the war.

Farewell Commander Sechaba, our philosopher and internationalist of great
note.  We shall forever remain indebted to you and your outstanding
teachings that practice without theory is blind and theory without practice
is academic or mere dogma.

Our task shall always to tell the truth about yourself, your invaluable
contribution and at some point we shall meet and update you on the
prospects of our struggle for the freedom of the Peoples of Swaziland.

There are even many greater things you have done for SSN which we rather
keep in our hearts and we will forever cherish.

Ulale Ngoxolo Mkhonto

Issued by the Swaziland Solidarity Network [SSN ]

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