Is there a way to load a custom key map into an embedded SageMathCell using 
CodeMirror blocks?  I am specifically interested in restoring my favorite 
emacs key bindings.  CodeMirror itself allows this; see:
(and take a look at the source code), essentially by loading
and then passing
    keyMap: "emacs"
in the CodeMirror call (at the end of the document).  But there doesn't 
appear to be a way to pass that setting as an option in the makeSagecell 
call, nor could I figure out a way to apply the CodeMirror JS directly to a 
sage block.

Is there some way to achieve this functionality using SageMathCell?  It's a 
bit frustrating to know that CodeMirror has a setting for this, which I 
don't (yet) know how to access.  To be clear, I am of course talking about 
SageMathCells embedded in my own webpages, where I have control over the 

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