Here is another problem:
SageCells using R not too seldom have 'NULL' in its output, apparently when 
some R command has no output (that was the interpretation of a colleague of 
mine from Erlangen University who is using SageCell with R for teaching.)

Would it perhaps be possible that SageCell falls back to a Python 2 version 
instead of producing Python-3-related errors?

Can you recommend a set of online tutorials and manuals where the examples 
have been checked for compatibility with Python 3 SageCell?

Am Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2020 23:07:47 UTC+1 schrieb Andrey Novoseltsev:
> One can certainly setup a server with older versions of SageMath and 
> SageMathCell. Note, however, that Python 3 has been live for a month and a 
> half and we didn't get that many complaints about the switch. This does not 
> mean of course that people don't run into problems, rather I think that 
> very few people would take advantage of changing a URL to use an older 
> version. Besides it is not a long-term solution anyway, you'll have to 
> switch to supported versions at some point.

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